How To Wash And Maintain Hijab

Wash And Maintain Hijab

Simple Washing Guidelines

If you have purchased a sports hijab from hijab sportswear and want to know how to wash and maintain hijab? Always follow our washing and drying instructions for your hijab.

Wash your hijab with lukewarm water, irrespective of the material or fabric like chiffon, jersey, silk, polyester, etc it is made from. If you are using hot water for washing your hijab it may damage the colour of the hijab. if you will wash your hijab with cold water it will leave dirt and oils on the fabric.

Whenever you will wash your Sports hijabs they should be washed separately from the rest of your clothing to prevent them from getting knotted or damaged by intertwining with other clothes.

How To Remove Stubborn Stains 

If you found some stubborn stains on your sports hijab, Don’t worry because we will tell you how to wash and maintain hijab? Please spot-clean your sports hijab with baking soda.

While putting the hijab in the dryer, please use the lowest intensity option to prolong the life of the fabric.

Jersey and woven hijabs have the property to shrink after washing and should be pressed. Before washing it please look for specific instructions on how to do so and a safe temperature to use.

Store the sports hijab on a hijab hanger or neatly fold it in a drawer to prevent wrinkling.

wash and maintain hijab

Advantages Of  Hijab Sportswear’s Instructions

Please follow all the above instructions provided by hijab sportswear. It will help you, how to wash and maintain hijab in a good condition for a long time use. Also, It will increase the life of the fabric. it will help you to maintain the colour of your hijab brand new as you purchased from us.

It will also help to maintain the stretchable property and elasticity of your hijab for a long time. So you will not face issues like, “a fabric losing its stretchability, it will become loose and size is not fitting you properly and you will not feel comfortable”, while worn it.